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Kyle Trocolla - "Three Chords and the Truth "

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Kyle Trocolla - "Three Chords and the Truth "

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Artist Bio:

Kyle Trocolla was born in Newtown, Ct and grew up listening to everything from his parents 50s rock and roll records to hardcore punk bands like Black Flag, and the Bad Brains. He's been playing some incarnation of music his entire life. For the past decade he has been touring the United States in the East Coast punk band Two Fisted Law.

Kyle's debut solo acoustic full length album will release on Altercation September 18th 2015.

About The Video: Three Chords and the Truth is a song calling to the history and roots of punk rock. A remembrance of those who paved the way for punk rock to be a lasting art form that despite the losses of its founding members will never die.

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