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Our Theory - "The End"

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Artist Bio:

Our Theory is a French rock/post-hardcore band that was born in 2011 from the minds of Bastien Berhault (singer) and Mehdi Major (guitar/vocals). They were joined later by Damien Bauthamy (guitar, ex-Borderline), Thomas Pain (Drums) and Yoann Andrieux (bass). Our Theory has for mission to give a kick to the French music scene with a mix of tension and restlessness that is characteristic of post hardcore, along with its intensive melodies. With a pure, melodic and deep voice from their singer, strong rhythms and intensive riffs, they create an intensive tension on each of their tracks.

Shortly after getting together, they were getting noticed in the scene and their success keeps growing day after day! Stage wise, the band already had the chance to play in France and Europe and share the stage with bands such as Young Guns, Memphis May Fire, Escape The Fate, There For Tomorrow, Eyes Set To Kill, Of Mice & Men, Devil Sold His Soul and Closure in Moscow. Their début album "Collapse" is out since September the 30th and features Bert from Chunk! No Captain Chunk! and Edward Gibbs ex singer in Devil Sold His Soul. Considering what has already been achieved so far and so fast, Our Theory is a band to follow very closely!

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