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Dochky-Matery - "Grustnaya"

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Dochky-Matery - "Grustnaya"

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Dochky-Matery is a Punk-rock band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, with aggressive female vocals. Nastya Docha started the band in 2004 with 2 other girls in Tula. Three years later she moved to Saint-Petersburg, where she met new band members and created a new sound for Dochky-Matery.

Dochky-Matery began to attack the venues of various Russian cities, sharing the stage with many famous Russian and foreign bands. In 2011 Dochky-Matery opened a BAD RELIGION show in St.Petersburg. In 2012 they released two videos and their first album, the self titled "Dochky-Matery".

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